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12 trendy must-have plants that will complete your bedroom photo op

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

If you're like me, you're out and about looking for the next new plant to add to your collection. Luckily for you, you've come to the right place! Check out Groff's Plants page to acquaint yourself with the unique variety of plants Groff's has to offer, most of which are new and exclusive and are included in this article.

String of Hearts (ceropegia woodii)

First up, this plant is a must-have for all houseplant enthusiasts! With it's delicate heart-shaped leaves and gentle appearance, this plant is a beauty. As part of the ceropegia genus, it typically enjoys being elevated, so the trails of leaves cascade down and create a waterfall effect. This plant also comes in a variegated form, where the leaves are both green and white.

Chinese Money Plant (pilea peperomiades)

Rumored to bring those who own it fantastic wealth, this plant brings charm to any room it's in, The fragility of the stems coupled with the heftiness of its leaves makes this plant one of a kind.

Adanson's monstera (monstera adansonii)

Of course, any monstera variety should be on this list, as it has only grown more popular over the last few years and continues to dazzle plant lovers across the globe. Native to North and South America, this plant is relatively easy to take care of as long as you have a warm and humid environment. If kept outdoors, these plants are known to reach heights of up to 13 feet tall! However, they are easy to propagate and stay a manageable size if kept indoors.

Marble Queen Pothos (epipremnum aureum 'marble queen')

Her royalty, this plant is a masterpiece, and because it is a pothos, you can train it to grow a certain way by trailing it upward with a stake or a wall, or by letting it drape down and around shelves or poles. The Marble Queen Pothos grows well in typical household conditions, but does better with added humidity. It's versatility and appearance makes this plant fit for a crown.

Neon Pothos (epipremnum aureum 'neon')

Bright and eye-catching, the Neon Pothos demands your attention! It's leaves are the most brilliant shade of green and are great for lightening up a backyard patio or a home office. Just like other plants on this list, this plant looks stunning when suspended in the air, but it looks just as luscious in a standard planter.

Alocasia Polly (alocasia amazonica)

Known for their dynamic leaf shape, this plant is absolutely striking. It's leaves almost come out to greet you with the sheer size of them, you may need to shake hands and introduce yourself to it. Their leaves are a mix of purple and a cool tone green. As if that wasn't enough, the lightning veins bring a certain sharpness that seems almost unrealistic. It loves warm and humid conditions much like Adanson's Monstera mentioned earlier, but grows a bit more slowly in comparison.

Alocasia Silver Dragon (alocasia baginda)

Similar in shape to that of the alocasia amazonica, the silver dragon gets its name from its unbelievable silver coloration. It's veins are less like lightning and more like dragon scales or wings. An interesting fact about this plant is that it's a dwarf species of alocasia, so it only grows about 1-2 feet in width and height. To care for one, give it indirect sunlight and rotate it every time you water it to maintain it's shape, as it tends to grow in the direction of it's light source.

Pink Princess Philodendron (philodendron erubescens ‘pink princess’)

Finally! A plant that is the perfect peacemaker. The leaves are characteristic, with touches of light pink that contrast with dark green. You can expect significant variation in leaf color as it grows. The most important factor to keeping this plant is providing the right amount of light to promote variegation in the leaves.

Brasil Philodendron (philodendron hederaceum 'brasil')

This spectacular vining plant is native to South America. It's leaves look like the colors of the Flag of Brazil, hence where it got its name. It's easy to care for as long as it gets enough light, is watered regularly, and kept in more humid conditions. This plant is phenomenal when grown long enough to drape or trail with it's heart-shaped and variegated leaves.

Prayer Plant (calathea vittata)

What makes this type of plant unique is how it moves throughout the day with the sun. The leaves follow the sunlight, which is why people commonly refer to them as "prayer plants". However, there are many different species of this plant, and they all do the same motion with the sun. This particular calathea is iconic because of it's sleek fine white lines that decorate its leaves. Keep in evenly moist, semi-shady conditions and in common household temperatures. For some, watering with distilled water works better for the plant, as this aspect depends on the tap water quality at home.

ZZ Plant (zamioculcas zamiifolia)

Ah, the zz plant, the star of almost every home office. This is because they are extremely low maintenance plants and are very hardy. The texture of their leaves is smooth, and they do well when kept in low light conditions. However, the more light you give it, the faster it will grow, as these plants are notoriously slow growers. Keep the soil well draining and fertilize once a month when watering.

Watermelon Peperomia (peperomia argyreia)

Probably the juiciest plant on this list, the watermelon peperomia earns its name from the appearance of its leaves, which resemble little watermelons! This cutie loves bright, indirect light and grows really compact, like a little personal watermelon bush. Be careful no to overwater them, as they prefer their soil just slightly moist. There you have it! If you're looking for more plant care tips and recommendations, be sure to check out Groff's Blog Page! Make your brown thumb a green thumb and subscribe to our Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on promotions, calendar events, and what plants we have in stock!

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